Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hidden in the Grass

I found this little bee in the tall grass at a soccer field, and was glad that I didn't step on him. The field on that day was full of bees sneaking in the grass to work on these clovers.

Sometimes, sitting out in the bare field is quite boring so I diverse my attention on other things that I enjoy such as watching for the cloud, the sun, or looking for small pleasure like this to entertain myself during the two hours waiting for my son.

Watch Out for Bee

I couldn't help myself when I see this, with the beautiful green grass color, and the sun light hits it just right. I crouch down and snap away. This bee and the clover were right next to where I was sitting.

Hanging On

The bee decided to change its position and you can see he was hanging on with all his legs and arms while sucking on one particular piece of the clover.

Climbing Up

Slowly he pulled himself up on top of the clover. I am not fond of bees, but it was fun trying to take pictures. I just make sure that I was not in its way so I won't end up with big plum lip again.

Beautiful White Clover

After the bee left, I saw this beautiful clover. The flower was mostly white, with a hint of light pink color at the base. Under this lighting, it was just so pretty.

I have live for so many years without giving a thought to clover flowers before until I started taking pictures of them. They are a nuisance in people's yard, but they are just beautiful also.

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  1. The bee sure is enjoying the flower. Delightful pictures! I love the sweet smell of clovers, and would welcome them in my yard.

  2. the bee is enjoying a luscious treat the white flower has to offer...and so are you capturing it!

  3. He certainly is enjoying that sweet nectar. Nice capture Icy! I too have spent quite a few afternoons chasing bees and butterflies!!

    These are just wonderful! I hope you have a great day!!

  4. haha the photos of bees are enjoyable((:

  5. Icy, the clover is good for us too!
    Great pics.

    Take care & God bless!

  6. it looks like a baby, Icy!! this post is another reminder for me to ask aris to tutor me on the finer ways of picture-taking! hugs to you on this fine day!

  7. Awww... he's so cute - that little bee in the grass. I've never seen it from this perspective before.

    I think that you should take up a career in photography. YOu have a wonderful eye for detail.

  8. i've never seen a clover around here and i've never had a decent photo of a bee. for now, i'll take delight from this lovely post. ;)

  9. The honey bees do love clover blooms, look at her go. She is a very pretty girl and is really enjoying that flower. Very nice shots.

    Isn't amazing how much there is to see right under our feet. I have gotten so caught up in macro in the last few months.

  10. Great picture! Don't think I'd ever be brave enough to go that close to a bee. I'm terrified of them!

  11. wow, interesting pictures Icy, the eyes of the bee look like so watchful of the surrounding.


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