Saturday, September 26, 2009

Images for the Last Week of September

These pictures were taken on the same day as the hot pink ones, and at the same supermarket. I like these little flowers with their soft pink and white combination. As best and as quick as I can, I snap the photos!

A Ball of Flowers

Well, usually nobody brings their camera into the market, except for crazy people like me. I think I should be named "flowers stalker" for the century!

This one flower pot was set higher than the others, and the flowers were shape like a round ball. I like the pink color edges around the petals. The middle flower even had a tan look to it.

Some Pretty Branches

The V formation in these flowers were just amazing. Giving more time I would have taken another picture to show you how the trunk of these flowers separated into two branches, and the flowers just grow so wonderfully.


I just love how these flowers look, beautiful and strong. I come away feeling very excited, like a child with a new present. Finding new flowers to take pictures are my presents.

Messing Around

If you haven't try messing around in Photoshop, you are missing a great fun! I took one of those blur pictures and edit them using impressionistic filter to make it look like a water color painting.

Keep in mind that if the picture is too blurry, the subject might not hold its shape, so use other filters and play around until you are happy with the result.

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  1. Well, my dearest flower stalker of the century, these are awesome shots. I've actually never seen these before and would love to have them growing in my garden.

  2. amazing shot!

    i might try my hand in photo snapping and if it doesn't turn out as good, well maybe it will look better with the help of photoshop...

  3. I see the "flower stalker" of the century strikes again! These are a beautiful variation of the hot pink ones from last time. Your impressionistic image looks so dreamy, I just love it!

  4. Icy, I am loving your photo shoots as usual. Please keep sharing.

  5. Those are really pretty little flowers, the pink edges gives them a nice definition. Great photos Icy.

    If your the "flower stalker" I wonder what they call me at the farmers' market. Corn stalker?

    Hope your having a great weekend,

  6. I do bring my camera to the supermarket a stalker as well. :) Funny!

  7. I loved the pics. They were just beautiful.

  8. Oh my gosh, however did I miss this one (I mean, almost did) -so cool! Very artsy, Icy!


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