Saturday, September 19, 2009

Images for the Third Week of September

Hot Pink Ladies

I saw these flowers in a supermarket, and the hot pink color was just spectacular. Though the light was dull and I thought my pictures wouldn't turn out, I was happy to see them clear and in focus.

Classic and Beautiful

These flowers come in a variety of colors, but these pink ones stood out the most. They look just so pretty, small, and strong holding!

I like how the market grouped pots of flowers together like this. It gave the illusion of looking at a flower field. I managed to take many pictures before went on with my groceries shopping.

On the Lighter Note

Maybe the flash went off on this picture, but I still like the light pink color on these flowers. It has gotten colder here in Michigan so these flowers really cheer me up just looking at them.

All in a Row

These flowers lined up in two rows and they were just beautiful. I should have look up the name of these flowers, but I forgot. I just know that I must take the pictures and go on with my chores. There is always so many things to do.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Wow, their almost to perfect to be real. Very pretty.

  2. Of course I love the color of these flowers! Interesting that they only have petals. Your post makes me realize that maybe I should take more time to appreciate flowers at my market.

  3. Those are so pretty, I never used to like pink but lately I just can't get enough of it. I like the delicate little blooms.

  4. Ha ha, I meant to say interesting that they only have FOUR petals :D

  5. love your flower shots as always Icy, they are very lovely. they surely do brighten my day.

  6. Icy, these are gorgeous. I can see why they captured your attention.

  7. it's always a wonderful feeling to wake up on sunday morning to have those beauties to stare at....

    i don't have a garden so, this picture compensates for that...thanks for sharing!

  8. Those are lovely, Icy! I can't remember having seen those before -or- I'm just not paying much attention around. Their petals look thick and velvety. :)

  9. lovely pink ladies, Icy! i don't know the name either.

    you're right! there's always so many things to do...

  10. These are super. They're so vibrant they brighten up my day.

  11. They are spectacular Icy. I always come to your blog for a breath of fresh air :)

  12. Pretty in pink and love their color. So dainty.

  13. i have become like you, Icy, bringing my camera to the store, to work to CHURCH - everywhere! well, you've been fuschia-d, if ever there was one! two thumbs up!!

  14. I love the color of the flowers. It is really bright and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  15. their color is so lovely and they are also so beautiful ur shots are always great take care i love all of them


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