Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Search for Winter Boots

I am very particular when it comes time to buy shoes, and I really don't like shopping for them either. I love all types of shoes, but I can't wear high heels shoes, and the thing is most of the beautiful shoes are in high heels

My favorite kind of shoes has gotten to be wide width, and flat bottom! Usually, it will take me months before I can actually purchase a pair that I'm comfortable wearing. No one has ever attempted to give me shoes as a gift since they know how choosy I am.

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With the recent weather changes here in Michigan, I realize that I need a pair of winter boots, and I start to browse the internet for some ideas. Once I've pick out a certain type of boots, I will then proceed to shop for them in the stores.

I might opt to shop online for boots this time since it's so chilly, windy, and I had no time to run from store to store. With JoJo's two soccer teams' schedules, I barely have enough time for a decent dinner.

Before I buy anything online, I must look for reputable stores, and check them through with Better Business Bureau. I want to avoid the hassles and protect my purchase.

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  1. I like low heels too and I need a wide width. I find that buying online is easier because the stores need to stay with average widths. I love boots best of all!

  2. I have rarely purchased boots! I have such a wide calf, it is hard to get anything to fit me - and now that I'm a senior citizen, with edema, especially in my right ankle, getting shoes that fit is really a nightmare. I am so envious of those svelte models in those sky high heels walking down the runways. Boots look pretty, especially in that cordovan color, skin tight...but they aren't for me.

    Folks tell me Zappo's is a good site for shoes of all kinds.

  3. You too, huh? If my feet hurt, I hurt. I want comfortable shoes!

  4. I love winter boots. I like the tall ones in particular. They look so gorgeous with skirts and dresses. I bought all my winter boots online.

  5. Oh wow, boots season. Goegeous! I love to shop online too, it saves me precious time!

  6. Wow, I like all of these. However, I probably wouldn't wear them in Florida. I can still dream of those chilly days of north.

  7. Icy, I really like the first two. They are very stylish. It's difficult to find stylish shoes or boots without heels but it can be done :)

  8. I love and adore boots, I bought a pair of Emu's last year and I love them. I normally don't like really flat shoes but I found a great pair of Steve Madden boots, they are flat, slouchy style and they look great with skinny jeans. Did I mention I love boots!


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