Sunday, September 27, 2009

Purple Sunday

I am going back, way back in my older folder on my computer, and found these pictures of purple flowers.

These beautiful flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and my folder dated sometime in April. So these are Spring flowers, but as long as they are pretty to look at, who cares?

All Purple

There are so many different flowers that look similar to one another. So as soon as I learn of one, I stumble on another. It's very refreshing to know and learn new things.

I am browsing through second hand book stores for flower books, so I can have these books on hand to look for the name of the flowers. It take too much time describing "little purple flowers with yellow in the middle" to Google, and having to go through hundreds of pages before I can find the name.

Back to Purple

As you can see, these flowers were grown in pots, and they were put together to give that look of a field. Wouldn't it be nice if we can just get lost in this field of flowers for a moment? I have no idea what these flowers smell like, so maybe we can just look and not wander in.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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  1. spring, autumn, winter or gives joy and warms the soul!

    it would be lovely to get lost amongst these beauty, i wouldn't want to be!

  2. Those are beautiful no matter what season they are from

  3. Oh so pretty! They look like they could be Sweet Alyssum. I can actually grow them in the desert. They smell so good, I would love to be in a field of them.

  4. Purple are just elegant...the royal's color and this one is magnificent.

  5. I absolutely love purple. It has always been my favorite color. I certainly would love to get lost in a field of flowers like that. Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. No matter what the season flowers are beautiful. When winter arrives I will be posting from my files as well.

    These are Sweet Alyssum, I still have some blooming in a planter on my patio.

  7. They might be hydrangas? I can't see the markings on the leaves very well. Whatever they are, they're really pretty.

  8. Oh what a beauty! Love it, Icy! Who cares when you took them, you have captured them and that's what counts. Technology has frozen forever in time it's essence and you are kind to share it to us. I love my archive too, it is filled with treasures like yours!

    Keep diggin' for more wonderful treasures to share!

  9. oh, very beautiful Icy! yes, how great it would be to get lost in a purple field like that.

  10. Very beautiful flowers. They kind of look like hydrangeas, although I know they are not.

  11. I thought the flowers were just beautiful. They are such a pretty color.

  12. They are quite charming and rich looking though like you I don't know what they are. Beautiful Icy.

  13. Icy, I have some sweet alyssums I have been saving. I'll post them on Weds. and we can compare shots to see. They are gorgeous. I've grown alyssum in a window planter before. They have a faint fragrance and do not grow to be very tall as they are a ground covering.

  14. Oh yes it would...I would love to just wander through a glorious field like this!!

    We have to be so careful here though because of snakes!!:-(((((

    Wonderful pictures. Thank you so much for brightening up what was a very cloudy day here!!


  15. purple always is my fav. great flowers


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