Saturday, September 19, 2009

Search for Coupons to Save Money While Shopping

I am a faithful coupons clipper, since they can add extra savings on my grocery bills. Living frugal is the name of the game for our family, and it only takes a few minutes per week to collect the coupons before starting my shopping.

I knows that I can save money with coupons when shopping for our daily essentials. Nowadays, I can even find discount codes, coupon codes, or online coupons by searching, and this website below has an extensive list of coupon categories for me to choose from.

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I can find coupons for apparel, computer, jewelry, food and drink, to traveling. This website is also an affiliate to many other stores such as Sports Authority, Dell, Nautica, Bloomingdale, and Best Buy just to name a few.

I find myself shopping at Sports Authority many times a year since my son is a sport fanatic and growing so fast! He went from size 31/2 shoe to size 5 in three months. Which this rate, I'm afraid he will be a giant!

Another store I often shop is Walmart for most of my family needs. They have cheaper prices on most things than other stores.

Saving money by using whatever coupons I can find is one easy way that I can make ends meet.

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  1. Neat! I can do two things I love - save money and shop!

  2. I like to use coupons and save money, thanks for the info about :)

  3. That site sounds great! I definitely have to tell my mom about this site too because she always uses coupons. :)


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