Friday, September 11, 2009

Angry Cloud

Would you believe that with this dark cloud dangling over our heads, we the devoted parents of these young soccer players still have to sit out at the soccer field?

This dark cloud is a blessing for us all though since we are not burnt under the hot sun, so we really don't mind it at all.

Coming Forward

Since started blogging, I have seen so many amazing pictures of the sky, which inspire me to enjoy watching the sky more often than before. It is amazing to find so many beautiful things all around us.

Hidden Sun

The sun plays such an important part in lighting up the clouds and gives it a fantastic image. The light and shade behind this dark cloud hypnotize me for a long time.

Dancing Dark Cloud

When the strong wind blows by, the cloud looks like dancers in the sky. This dark cloud is hovering over us for the entire two hours that we were out there.

Pushing Through

Trying as hard as the sun could, it could not push through or completely comes out at all. In fact, the cloud even gets darker with each moment.

Can You See the Moon?

I catch the moon by accident as the sun trying to push away the dark cloud. It turns out to be a good day despite the look of the threatening sky.

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  1. The pics of the sky were great! It has been raining here in New Jersey since last night.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pics. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you didn't get soaked.

  3. they can look absolutely deceiving! but i love playing cloud games with my sons. sometimes they try to come up with BETTER imagination, hahaha!

  4. i too love playing cloud games, finding the shapes :) beautiful pictures Icy, the sky is really amazing, just out there waiting for us to see its beautiful transformations.

  5. Dancing clouds I love it!! the pictures are great and our clouds have looked close to that today!!

    Happy weekend!!:-)

  6. Forgive me Icy I think I called you LR when I sent your credits.

    Things re hectic here right now as we are preparing to leave.

    I will be back late tomorrow night!!

  7. Beautiful photos Icy, I love the rays on the second shot. It is so much fun to watch the clouds move and change.

  8. They really are great dancers...I love how you described them Icy. Have a great weekend too.

  9. yes, I see the moon! And I love the details of your clouds, Icy!

  10. The fourth one is my best one. It's like shining hope when everything around you is dark and gloomy.

  11. These are brilliantly dramatic. The rays spewing atop the second photo make it almost heavenly looking. You really captured these shots very well. I love them.

  12. the moon is indeed a surprise!

    i agree with Cherie, children have better imagination in cloud games. ;)

    have a blessed Sunday, Icy!


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