Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sport Boy JoJo

In my family, soccer is the sport! My three kids all started at the age of 3, 4, and 5 learning to play soccer, and for some reasons, they are all good at it. It comes natural to them, and they love this game more than any other sport.

Now the two older kids are no longer playing, JoJo still is, and he breaks the record in the house. He is the only one that is on two soccer teams, an AYSO team, and a traveling team. His soccer trophies are all over the house.

JoJo tried baseball for three years, and finally called it off this year. He brought home a few baseball trophies, but he just doesn't like it that much. He did an excellent job playing baseball, and learned the basic rules of the game, and in the end, he chose to be on two soccer teams instead.

I think it is good for children to be active, to be part of a team, learning team work, and enjoy their activities. Recently, JoJo has also taken a liking to golf, but he hasn't brought home any golf trophies yet. This is just a hobby for him and not something he is setting his heart in though.

Trophies or not, I am happy that JoJo chose to be active, and like what he is doing!

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  1. time to get matthew into one, then! so proud of JJ!

  2. Yay. I love soccer too. Have no idea what's going on d uring a baseball game.

  3. It is wonderful that you are so supportive of something Jojo enjoys and excels at. You are a great mom!

  4. wow, congratulations to Jojo.

    I love baseball when I was younger, probably the only sports then that I was good at other than running :)

    but am sure, Jojo can beat me hands down now when I pitch to him, he will make a home run :)

  5. That is great that your kids wanted to play sports in school. I wasn't really good at too many sports so I didn't play. I hope that JoJo and his team does well during the season.

  6. Sports teach a child so much plus all the benefits of being physical. You are doing a wonderful job with Joey!


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