Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wild Bunny

This is a wild bunny that love running around my friend's yard!

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  1. Adorable! Here in the desert, the cottontails have very large ears. Sometimes I forget how cute the "normal" wild bunnies are.

  2. What a cutie. Though the land is encroaching in this San Francisco suburb of Daly City and nearby Pacifica, we still occasionally see skunk families, racoons and an occasional deer.

  3. I never see bunnies anywhere around here in Florida. I tend to see more squirrels than anything else.

  4. Like Lauren, there aren't any bunnies here (New Jesery). I see more squirrels too. The bunny in the pics is really cute. :)

  5. Did the bunny come calling on Albert?

  6. Oh wow, it's a good thing you have your camera with you, Icy! Cute bunny! :)

  7. oh! i don't see bunnies around here except in the pet shops. we gor more of squirrels and foxes here.

    good you had your camera with you!

  8. Now you've made me smile because I totally love bunnies.

  9. These are so cute...but around here, they wreck my plants and gardens if left alone. Thankfully, my dog shoos them away!

  10. Aw, he is so cute. I rarely see bunnies here and when I do it's just a quick glance. Great photos.

  11. He's adorable Icy. I always had bunnies as pets when I was young until it became illegal to have them in SF. They are fantastic pets, wild or not. Great photos.

  12. I am glad to have found your terrific blog (via your comment on CHER's) and have enjoyed scrolling on down through all your excellent photographs. I especially enjoyed your amazing work with flowers. Oh, and I have Michigan roots, so that's cool, too.

  13. Ewwww...i love your bunny!! you got some great shots!!

    I am finally trying to get caught up!!
    Happy weekend!!


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