Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas Music is In the Air

Are you ready for Christmas? I sure am not there in my mind yet, but every store that I visited already displaying their Christmas decors. Even the children are practicing their Christmas concert songs.

My son is playing the trumpet year, and he is tired with the music that he has to practice with, so we are looking for new Christmas Sheet Music just to change it up a bit. It seems as if Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year! We barely reach Halloween, or Thanksgiving celebrations yet, and the world is ready to jump right into Christmas.

We went on the internet together to look for easy Christmas Sheet Music that is in his skill level. Too hard will deter his enthusiasm, and too easy will bore him. We found a site that we can download the Christmas Sheet Music for free, but we have to become a member.

Though it will cost us some money to be a member, I think it is worth the investment, because this site offers sheet music for different instruments, and also at different skill levels from many famous composers.

Our art and music department are in great jeopardy from budget cut in our county! We have survived last year cut by a hair, so as long as I can encourage my son to practice his music, I am contributing to his development.

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  1. I don't think I am quite ready for all the Christmas hoopla to start so early. I kind of like it to wait until a little later on. Maybe I've become a bit of a scrooge but I prefer for each holiday to have its time, to be enjoyed in glory and then to move on to the next one. This starting Christmas in mid October is too much for me. I think it makes the celebration far too commercial.

    I do love Christmas music but a bit closer to Christmas - and I love to hear choirs, carols by children, everyone playing and singing.

  2. Oh, this pretty good site Icy, thanks for pointing it to us. My girl might have something she'll be interested with.

  3. oh christmas!!! how i wish i can come back home to be with my family to celebrate!

  4. Icy, you are so right. People do not celebrate the arts as much when they cannot afford to eat. So sad!

  5. Icy, I saw a home in my neighborhood already decorated for Christmas with outside lights etc... Crazy. So many programs such as music and art have been cut due to budget issues, it's so sad. The children and their music is what really makes a difference at Christmas.

  6. I can't believe that Christmas is almost here either. I hope that the music program doesn't end up being cut at your son's school.

  7. I will be at my home at Christmas. I wanna to celebrate with me family and friends. I like Christmas music very much.


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