Thursday, October 8, 2009


Autumn is here, and everywhere you look, you will see chrysanthemums in all different colors. They are so strong and beautiful that even on a cold day, I have to stop for pictures.

One Pink Flower

This mum can withstand the cold very well! It can be outside until the end of October some times. You can see this mum on most people porch, displaying along all the Halloween decorations.

Beautiful Family of Mums

There are a few pots outside my fruits and vegetables market, and I caught them bathing in the sun after getting a quick drink.

Face Forward

These flowers can be outside much longer than I can. My fingers freeze and shake, therefore, I have to hurry inside.

My summer wandering around has to cut short nowadays!

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  1. love your mums, Icy! would you pay me a visit at

    let me know what you think! hugs, cherie

  2. I do not think I have ever seem pink mums like these. Very beautiful.

  3. Oh wow, Icy, it was 109 here yesterday -so hot, while it's cold there already...

    Lovely mum, yes they are a sturdy lot!

  4. i love these mums, they really are very pretty and comes in different colors as well..

  5. This is one flower I couldn't grow for some reason. I've just given up because I can't say it either. Maybe the two things connect in some way.:-)

    Yes, I think we all have to cut down on our summer wanderings.:-)

    Thanks so much for putting my book up on your site. You're very kind.

  6. It's a heavy tone of pink mums and very beautiful Icy. We do have mums but mostly of yellows, whites and orange. Nothing like as beautiful as this one.

  7. Mums add so much color this time of the year especially ones like these in that gorgeous pink. My outdoor wandering will also be shorter soon, we have our first freeze warning out for tonight.

  8. Lovely mum photos, Icy! I love this flower, too.


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