Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Curly Aster

A walk around the yard, I found this beautiful aster fighting to stay alive in the cold weather. We don't have many of these flowers left, but what I see simply just beautiful!

Among the Dried Leaves

You have to look at this aster very closely. Can you see the petals began to curl? The white beautiful petals are just pure and elegant.

Half-Way Curled

It was a cold and windy day when I saw this white aster among the green leaves. Since it was also windy, my picture became a bit blurry. However, you can still see the curled up petals.

Curled All the Way

The petals on this aster curled all the way up. I thought it is such a beautiful flower to see in this stage. I love its center, very busy and very finely orchestrate.

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  1. Oh for the resilience of this lovely flower.

  2. What a lovely flower, what fun to watch it curl.

  3. A pretty little flower, it reminds me of the curling ribbon that you see around the holidays. I love the first photo with the side view.

  4. I love the curls on it. It's not common to see curly flowers.

  5. The curls made it more interesting. And, really lovely.

  6. Hanging on for dear life which is how I feel some days! Nice photo, a remnant of brightness before the harsh cold days of winter!

  7. They felt cold that's why they're curling up their petals, I guess...Heheheh..beautiful flowers.

  8. I've never seen flowers curl like that. You are great at finding beautiful and unusual flowers!

  9. These flower looks very clam. Really very peaceful shots these are.

  10. Poor thing. It's trying to keep itself warm. I've got some roses left. I don't know why they're still out in this weather.

  11. I think the flowers are really pretty. Thank you for sharing these pics with us.

  12. i like the first shot best, very curly!!!

  13. Its a very beautiful flower. Looks very calm thanks for sharing this beautiful pics.


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