Thursday, October 15, 2009

Go Green While Repairing Your Financial Trouble

During a recent conversation exchanged with my neighbor across the street, they told me that their credit is in shamble! Both husband and wife had their fair share of misfortunes with their health care bills.

They both were out of jobs for over two months since their freak accidents! The husband tripped in a hole that their dogs dug at the front entrance, and the wife broke her ankle falling down while carrying the baby. The health care bills were outrageous, which putting them behind in maintaining the household expenses.

Having heard the trouble that they are facing, I suggest that they should look into programs that would help them fix bad credit. I offer to help searching for a reputable company, and has good standing rate with the Better Business Bureau.

We went to the library to use the computers there, and each of us find different websites to compare. Heather likes the site that also support the environment since her husband works for the Department of Natural Resource. They were able to enroll in the program to fix their personal finances.

I really didn't realize how important it is to have good credit scores, but finally have a sense of the urgency to do further investigating on this subject. It seems that most things in this world depends on the numbers of our credit report!

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  1. I have tried to stress upon my children the importance of maintaining a good credit report. At a young age they have trouble differentiating between wants and needs.

  2. Icy, I can so relate to this saga. In Feb, I lost my nursing job with the city and county of San Francisco, in massive budget cuts to the Dept of Public Healh - after 21 years. At 64-1/2, with a mobility disability, I could not transfer to the few job openings in ICU or the ER
    ( having done only forensics in all that time ). I ended up retiring which meant a drop in income of $100,000/year, not enough to live on in the 2nd most expensive area in the country. Life is a struggle now and I am hoping to find some legal consulting work to supplement my income!

  3. Your neighbors really are having a tough time. I hope that things get better for them.

  4. i am glad you were able to help your neighbors, Icy. it is tough, but yes, good credit scores are important...


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