Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have Fun Golfing

I have noticed that there are more people who love to play golf these last few years. It seems that golf courses are popping up on the most prominent areas around the country. My oldest child is a part of these growing numbers, and yet when he was younger he showed no interests.

Now, I learn to understand their language such as T-time, or T-off and many more. My oldest and his friends are booking their Myrtle Beach Golf Packages. Two of the boys from Michigan will fly to meet the other two in Maryland, and then drive together to their Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations there.

They are so excited about this Myrtle Beach Golf vacation. A group of four gentlemen in their mid twenties is making their dreams come true. They have been friends since their teen's years, and always talk about taking a vacation together.

My son sends me the website to look over the Golf Packages Myrtle Beach, I have to admit that those golf courses are just beautiful, and amazing! As my age, all I want for my children is to enjoy their time before making a big commitment such as having a family, or buying a home.

Hopefully the weather stays nice for them when they get there in two weeks!

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  1. It is amazing how much people love golf! Also amazing is the amount of money put into golf courses. I've visited our famous Pebble Beach course on the Pacific Ocean in the Monterey, CA area and it is truly spectacular - though how one can concentrate on a tiny white ball with that magnificent scenery is beyond me!

  2. My husband LOVES golf & I would like to go to a warmer climate.

  3. I only do mini golf...nothing biggie =P but i bet it's worth the try to go golfing =)

  4. I am not big fan of golf. but these photos shows that these really great locations.


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