Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Many Ceiling Fans Do You Have?

The other day I counted the numbers of ceiling fans in my house. Every room had one, except the laundry room, and they were all from different brands, and styles.

Though living in Michigan, our summer weather can reach up to over 100 degree, and this is when I love my Ceiling Fans. They help circulate the air around the room and keep the house cooler. We have no central air, so ceiling fans are a must.

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Now that the winter is here, I still use Ceiling Fan in the bedrooms. I use them to bring the heat down by using the reverse switch on them. As the matter of fact, we keep the thermostat at around 65 for upstairs since heat rises. Doing this has saved me hundreds of dollars a year.

I was hoping to put a ceiling fan in my laundry room since it is the hottest area in our house with the heater sits right there. I go on Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans to pick out one since they are known for their guaranteed lowest price.

There are so many brands and styles for me to choose from, such as Hunter, Minka Aire, Casablanca, Fanimation, and Emerson ceiling fans. My favorites are the two pictures above. Since our laundry room is also our entrance to the house, a good looking fan will make it more inviting.

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  1. I only have two & one doesn't work. I'll have to look into this!

  2. one, but i'm no big fan. i'm always afraid it might fall or something!


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