Sunday, October 4, 2009

Images for the First Week of October

As tired as I am, being JoJo's taxi driver to all his soccer games and practices, I also love the fact that I am able to spend more time outside, and welcome new discoveries.

One of the fields we went to had this beautiful large circle drive full of different flowers. After we parked the car, I rushed over to take a few pictures since the soccer field was way in the back of the park.

Beautiful Baby Pink

The rain stopped half an hour before the game began, and I saw this beautiful delicate looking flower full of water droplets on it. This color is so soft on a cloudy day.

Stood Out

Among black-eye Susan, roses, and petunias, this flower holds its head high, and attracts many admirers that walking by. The ooh and aah for its beauty excited me as well.

Late Bloomers

The weather is getting colder here in Michigan, and this was the last bloom for the year as we all know it. I was very happy to have a few pictures of this beautiful baby pink flower.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. the rain did a wonderful job accentuating the delicate look and the comeliness of this bloom...

  2. oh, very beautiful Icy, I love pink. and the raindrops made it more beautiful.

    You are the only one who was able to make observation that it was not me, but my hubby in dwarfed, thanks for the keen observation :)

    again, wonderful shots of the delicate pink flower.

  3. gorgeous i am thankful that i can see those beatiful flowersss and thanks a lot for sharing

  4. Icy, as always, gorgeous shots, so refreshing and inspirational. I also wanted to let you know I am no longer using EC. I've canceled advertisers and will no longer be dropping as of right now. Once the purchases I've made in the market are complete, I'm canceling my account. I am still however following you and always will :) So, keep in touch.


  5. Ooh, I love the water droplets on the soft pastel pink petals! Lovely :)

  6. Beautiful pink hibiscus, the water droplets bring out even more of the color.

    Yellow thistle? I have seen them but not here, I've sort of been looking for them. I haven't looked it up but I don't think they grow in this area. Lots and lots of purples.

  7. Pink flowers always capture me. The mist on the petals added drama ! Great shots too !

  8. Beautiful blooms and gorgeous photos.

  9. Thanks for sharing the beautiful blooms!

  10. Just lovely Icy, but your photos always are! This is such a peaceful way to float into the week!!


  11. I know, Icy. We better capture the pictures while we can. :-)

  12. What a purty posey! You know, it looks so much like an azalea bloom, but it isn't, is it? Anyway, very nice pic! I like. :o)

  13. These pics are just beautiful. I love that color of pink.

  14. pure and lovely header. Wonderful pictures of different flowers!Keep up this beautiful blog!

  15. Good morning I just got up!! Thanks for stopping by.

    You got FC@. I hope you have a great day!

  16. It looks like my lavandula, but I think it might be a bit too late in the year for them to still be out.

    Great shots!

  17. This is so delicate and with the water droplets looks a fine as lace. It's just stunning Icy.

  18. It looks so delicate after the rain Icy.


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