Sunday, October 25, 2009

Images for the Fourth Week of October

Autumn is in full swing now, and the colors of this season are amazing! From the changing colors of trees, to abundant harvest, I am just at awe with all the wonderful things around me.

Two celebrated holidays in autumn are Halloween and Thanksgiving! These are the excited events for kids and adults alike.

Color of the Season

You can see orange pumpkins everywhere, in all shapes and sizes! I usually take my son to the pumpkin patch so he can pick out his pumpkin. It is fun trip to do since it's not too far from where we live.

White Pumpkin

I don't know if this white pumpkin is in its true color or not, but my son insists that it was painted white! Either way, I think it is fun to see something different!

Colorful Corns

These corns come in so many different varieties and colors! They are very pretty and wonderful to see. The colors are just amazing and they have their own uniqueness.

More Mini Corns

We stop at this bin of corns for a very long time! The different colored kernels are all too beautiful to pick just one, though we ended up with two bunches for our doors decoration.

Mixed Gourds

This is a wonderful mixed of gourds. I love all the tiny pumpkins, and these gourds come in different colors and textures also.

Mini Gourds

This is such a fun time of the year since we get to see so many beautiful things and many different colors in nature.

Have some fun outdoor, everyone!

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  1. I just love that white pumpkin, Icy. I don't think I've ever seen a white one in real life. Are they orange on the inside?

  2. white pumpkin and colorful kernel! too sensational to reisits!!!

    lovely post, icy! i enjoyed each and evryone of them.


  3. Icy, I've been out sightseeing myself. I am home now with well over 100 photos to edit. My friend took me on what she called a "color tour"!

    I love your photos. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of the season.

    Take care & G♥d bless!

  4. I have never seen a white pumpkin or white corn either. I really liked the pics!

  5. i have never seen white pumpkin Icy, it looks like pumpkin with an icing :) i can't blame jojo if he thinks it is painted :)

    as always, love your pictures.

  6. I love the look of that white pumpkin.

  7. Oh, white pumpkins and colored corn kernels? that's something new to me...we only have the yellow japanese corns here. favorite. Reminds, I gotta get one now. LOL.

  8. You sure did showcase nature's bounty in this post! I can't decide which fascinates me more, those colorful corns or the white pumpkin.

  9. I'm with you Icy, the colors of this season are the best and especially beautiful this year. I've been seeing quite a few white pumpkins on other blogs so they are for real, none here yet.

    Great photos,

  10. awesome pumpkins...i wonder how does it taste?

  11. I want those corns too, so lovely to look at! Now everywhere I go I see pumpkins all over =) time for trick or treat!

  12. I am always fascinated by the "albino" pumpkin (it's what Doods call the white pumpkin) They create variety among all those oranges.


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