Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Yellow Flowers

I first saw the tiny little yellow flowers on Judy's blog at Seeds4Thoughts, and wondered if I have them in the yard. Judy said that her yellow flowers' petals have heart shape, but hers are called Yellow Wood Sorrel, according to Squirrel Queen at Through Squirrel Eyes.

I went out and looked for yellow flowers. I found two, but they are not the same as Judy's flowers!

Heart Shape Petals

I don't know what these flowers are called. Maybe Squirrel Queen can help me identify these! She knows more about flower names than I can remember. On top of that, she took beautiful pictures, and I love to visit her blog every day.

Early Morning Dews

I came out early in the morning to check on this flower, and I love the tiny morning dews on it. Upon closer examination of the leaves, I suspect that this flower is from the wild strawberries I found next to it.

Closing In

I always find it amazing to see wild flowers in their own environment. These flowers are so tiny, and without macro, I would not be able to see the details at all. I like to discover surprising little flowers like these.

Beautiful Little Yellow Flower

My yard is not manicured to perfection. In fact, it is the opposite! Weeds grow better than flowers in our soil, and for that I'm blessed with many different flowers to admire.

Have a great day!

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  1. Icy, you are right, they are little yellow flowers but different. They are very nice with the close ups. I remember our strawberry plants had white blossoms with yellow centers but perhaps your flowers have cross bred.

    Isn't it nice that we can enjoy so many varieties of flowers?

  2. Icy, like you the first thing I thought of was a wild strawberry of some sort, the bloom and leaves look right. I checked my books and found one called a Indian Strawberry that looks identical to your photos. It seems awfully late in the season for these to be blooming. You must be having mild weather.

  3. it is lovely, yellow flowers has the effect to brighten up the most darkest of days...i love the dew covered one!

  4. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing, Icy! Will visit again. =)

  5. A beautiful little flower. The details are amazing and a weed is only a plant or flower growing in the wrong place.

  6. i actually do let weeds grow in some part of our yard Icy, especially those that I know have very lovely flowers, like what you have in there. beautiful!

  7. these days i feel bad because of some problems visiting ur blog always makes me feel better thanks Icy for those adorable pic i really need to see such kind of beautiful things to be able to understand what the life means

  8. I thought that the flowers were really pretty. The flowers were bright and beautiful.

  9. if dandelions are wild, i love them, too...


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