Saturday, October 17, 2009

Images for the Third Week of October

Since paying attention to the smallest things, whether it is just a weed flower, or a fly, or dried dandelion, I found joyous moments being able to see the beauty from them.

On the side of my sister's house, I saw this little bush of foliage with its flower and bud. The bush is very low to the ground, and really not at all "bushy", but the flower is irresistible to my camera.

Flower and Bud

I saw this little white flower growing out from the foliage by the walkway at my sister's house. It had only four petals, and the middle was light yellow with million dots on them. The leaves had many tones of different colors.

A Welcoming Sign

You can see from the picture above that this plant is only about two feet tall, but I like the different colors in the leaves. Some leaves has pink, some has red, and some has yellow/orange.

The Other Side

Though this flower is nothing fancy, it holds its beauty and tones down the corner of the house. It didn't need too much fussing either, and happily filled in the ground.

The weather is now colder here, and I can't wait to see the colors of the leaves this weekend.

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  1. It pays to keep one's eyes open at ALL levels...look what you might have missed - and we would have missed this lovely offering as well.

    Thanks, Icy.

  2. That is really a pretty plant and that colorful foliage is amazing.

  3. a four petaled flower is something you don't see if that's not enough, its foliage was vastly adorn with multi-colored hues...fantastic!


  4. its leaves are really wonderful even the little things make importance to our life we should remember everytime

  5. I have these. They smell like cat urine and like swampy, wet soil. They're great for covering shady, damp spots in your garden. Every year the come back bigger and thicker. Lovely!

  6. These flowers are very unusual. I like the colors of the leaves.

  7. The leaves are as artistic as the flower itself. I like the third photo, Icy! The brick wall added drama to the composition! Lovely! *hugs*

  8. so rare that you'd see a 4 petal flower like holds its own beauty =)

  9. I have never seen flowers like these before. They were really beautiful.

  10. Pretty little flower but the leaves almost steal the show with this plant. The colors are beautiful.

  11. This little flower is really very cute. this plant is really very amazing.


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