Friday, October 30, 2009

Loan For Small Business

It is hard to stay in business nowadays when everyone is pinching their money. Small businesses are the struggling to stay afloat, I know, because my friend's dad has a little convenient store around the corner. He said they barely make enough money to cover for the expenses of the month.

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He is currently looking to get a Business Cash Advance to help with inventory, pay the bills, and just to keep the store going for a while longer. Tony is in his mid seventy, and has own the store all his life. Without this income, he doesn't know what else to do!

Merchant Cash Finder is one of the sites he found online, and Tony is seriously considering it. My friend, Tonya, works at her dad's store during the weekend just to help out. She said the children come in everyday, take a piece of candy or so, and it was ok back then, but not anymore. Every little bit adds up, and now they don't carry loose candies to sell for this reason.

Maybe Business Cash Advance can help Tony out for the time being, and hopefully the economy turns around since the cost of living is too high as it is already. Everybody is struggling, and wherever we can get relief, we have to go for it.

It would be sad to see another neighborhood store going under, besides the foreclosure homes!

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  1. I hope things work out for your friend's father. That would be such a shame if he has to close his store.

  2. I do hope things work out for both stores. Many of us have found ourselves struggling now more than ever and are praying for relief.

  3. actually nowadays we should think of all ways to improve or have some cash on hand, not easy but there are means. I hope everything will be ok with them...

  4. I hope for the best. I will pray for your friends father that every thing would be under his control.


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