Thursday, October 22, 2009

Look for Help Online

As I waited outside my son's school to pick him up, a group of parents was having a conversation about their children's homework. They talked mainly about Math, and complained how alienated the subject is to them.

Fifth grade Math is pretty confusing indeed, and I will be the first to admit that I'm puzzled when my son asks for Math Help! He can usually handle and solve most of the problems himself without my assistance.

Once in a while he would ask for help, and that is when we search for Online Tutoring, or free resources. The internet is a wonderful and powerful tool in our lives. Everything can be answered in a blink of an eye! It connects people to people, and it connects people to sites.

Personally, I collect the most useful and educational sites in one folder, so if I ever need help I have them handy to look up. I bookmarked such sites that offer English help, Science help, Geography help, Algebra Help, and History help. I find that we use these sites very often during the school year.

On occasions, these sites come to my rescue with my son's homework, and I can actually get help online, thanks to the internet!

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  1. When my son and I attended college classes the computer was a godsend! We did not have that luxury when we were in grade school.

  2. This is incredible Icy, thanks for the tip. I'll tell my li'l grade 5 girl, coz I really can't help her with Math.

  3. How wonderful that this is available! My children are grown, thank God. As lousy as I've always been at math, I would have been a frequent user of these services!

  4. @Judy Sheldon-Walker-- I had same experience in our collage. Its was a government collage in ruler area.

  5. my sis-in-law also in 5th grade and we give her a hand with her math when it gets to be confusing for her already

  6. Thanks for the tip. I wish that there was a site like this when I was in school. I always had trouble with Algebra.


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