Friday, October 16, 2009

Peachy Hibiscus

As many of you are aware, I live in Michigan, and the winter has arrived. The weather forecasts a light snow today, and I am crossing my fingers for it not to come. You see, I still have to sit outside for my son's soccer games until November 10th, and it's not funny when I can't feel my fingers or toes.

If you see flowers on my blogs, they are being pulled from my archives. I go to the Detroit Conservatory some times in the winter just to cheer myself up with beautiful and colorful flowers on display there.

Peachy Color

This hibiscus was just so gorgeous in the Conservatory on Belle Isle! The cold weather doesn't exist in this haven of garden. Flowers of every kind, every type, and every color are growing together in harmony!

True Color of Peach

As you can see from the background of this peachy hibiscus, there are many other blooms from this one plant. They are spectacular to see in the middle of winter, and that is why I go to Belle Isle Conservatory times after times.

The flowers, the colors, and the growing of living things lift my spirits!

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  1. I have always loved the tropical look of hibiscus, but I never saw them in peach color before. These are delightful!

    When you're outside at the soccer games, it must be hard to take pictures with cold fingers. I hope it doesn't snow.

  2. How beautiful. We have a lot of hibiscus here in Israel but I've never seen a peach-colored one.

    I hope the worst of winter holds off a good while longer for you.

  3. yeahhh wll these flowers are enough to lift our spirits and cheer ourselves ilove all of them thankss take careee

  4. Icy, that peach pastel color is so warm and inviting. Beautiful. While I like snow, because I never see it here where I live, I hope it stays away until after the soccer games.

  5. such warm colors in that flower - you can't help but think of the warm tropics when you look at it!

  6. The flowers are just beautiful. I really love the color of the flowers.

  7. These are gorgeous. By the way, send some of that snow my way. I think 96 is way to hot for October.

  8. What a gorgeous color, that is a very lovely hibiscus. It would be great to have a place like that to go in the winter, a little touch of spring to ward off the cold weather.

  9. I wish we had a place near us to see flowers in the winter. Those are gorgeous hibiscus; doubles aren't they? The ones I took only had one layer and were much more vivid. I love this shade and the fuller look.
    The softer shade is easier on the eyes.

  10. I love peach flowers. The rich combination of colours that make up peach is very attractive.

  11. lovely hibiscus, i am familiar with red, as those are a common hibiscus shade in my homeland. i seldom see whites and never seen peach yet till today...

    thanks for sharing!

  12. we'd still have to wait for another season change for us to see the beauty of hibiscus...pretty, i like the color. Not so common here in my area

  13. I had never seen this flower in real. But i had seen three kinds of hibiscus in photos.


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