Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Red Mums

At this time of the year, mum is one of the flowers that can tolerate chilly weather. They come in so many different varieties and colors! When the leaves on the trees are brown, yellow, orange, and red had fallen onto the ground, mums remain strong to bring us a warm feeling.

I see mums on display in most stores I go to, and on people's front porch.

This is a very pretty red mums, even though some petals have been beaten up by the chilly weather.

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  1. Beautiful flowers ... I am always attracted to the red mums because they are just so vibrant.

  2. The reds that mums produce in the fall always amaze me and even tho I've feasted on summer annuals, these reds are always so welcome. Beautiful photos!

  3. These shots of the mums are lovely.

  4. Glorious shade of red on these mums, lovely pictures!

  5. Those are pretty red mums. I generally don't think of them as a red flower.
    Happy RT! Thank you for your visit and nice comment.

  6. I like the color of the mums against the gray-green leaves. So pretty.

  7. i like all of ur shots and this one is awes' as usual take care

  8. A very pretty red mum, they add so much color to this time of the year. A great Ruby Tuesday entry Icy.


  9. it's finally their time to bloom and spread their beauty all over...

  10. fiery red, just the color to keep us feeling warm on this chilly season....

    i don't see that color very often, mostly its white or yellow!...lovery red!


  11. Mums are lovely - our last burst of color before winter hits (the oranges are my favorite).

  12. Very pretty. The pale colors of the background look quite wintery, a great contrast against the red petals.

  13. Very pretty and vibrant colors. They go perfectly with the beautiful shades of autumn.

  14. Cheery bright flowers - mums always remind me of my youth and college football at that time which was quite a dressy occasion! We always dressed up and wore corsages of brilliant mums for those fall college weekends - of course, that was nearly fifty years ago!!!

  15. I have never seen red mums before, but they are really pretty.

  16. pretty mums in chilly winter! they look like a frozen flower delight!


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