Sunday, October 11, 2009

There is a Forum for Everything

I've read so many posts about how to increase readership, or increase page views for your blog/article, and the majority of these advices were to join a forum for your special niche!

I did just that, join a forum, join social bookmarking sites, and join blog directories! After all, what is the purpose of writing my blog, or sharing life experiences without readers? There are so many forums out there, from computer related issues, to virus, to music, to UK broadband, and anything under the sky.

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Surprisingly to me that there is a forum for broadband, where people talk about AOL broadband, T-Mobile broadband, Virgin Media broadband, and many other broadband service providers. Though UK broadband, well, based in the UK, I found it interesting to know all the names of their service providers there.

Before joining any forums, keep in mind that it is very time consuming too! To get a couple reads for your site, you have to be active, and be part of that community. After a few weeks of making my present known, I realized that I have less time to do what I love, and that is to write or go out to take pictures.

I'm not saying that forums are not worth knowing. It is in fact, a very helpful resourceful place if you are looking for a certain information, or if you just want to share ideas.

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  1. Good information Icy, they are time consuming but can be fun.

  2. I agree that forums can be time consuming and it could make it hard to write articles, but you can make some really great friends at them.

  3. Icy, I have registered at far more sites that I can recollect and you are correct. In order to gain any insight or make our presence known it requires time and this is one priceless commodity that I watch evaporate daily. :-) I want to write and take pictures. I want to laugh and love with my family. I want and want but there are no shortcuts. Life disappears as do the seasons.

    God bless and take care. You are precious!

  4. I am bewildered by the amount of sites you're supposed to join to try and increase your readers. It is too time consuming for me because of my job. I only write when I can and then I trust to luck to get it read :) Not the best method, I am sure but I really have no other option.

  5. I know what you mean. It's great joining forums to drive traffic to your site, but they take so much time that soon you're not writing anything at all.

    Lovely flowers in the post above too.

  6. for now, the few who read my blogs are good enough for me...


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