Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thinking about Cosmetic Dentistry

Recently, my son mentions that he wants to get braces to straighten out his teeth, and he has my head spinning with cosmetic dentistry issue. I know this day is coming since some of his new permanent teeth are growing in crooked, but at 10 years old? He is not even a teenager yet!

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Then if that is not enough, he expresses the wish to whiten his teeth because they have a dull color. Since when did my son become so conscious about appearance? Have I missed something? I remembered at that age, teeth would be the last thing on my list, but I am too ancient to compare myself to today kids.

With my son's pressing needs, I started to surf the internet to check out possible future procedures for a 10 year-old. I'm amazed at the available ways to fix teeth, and one of them that caught my attention is called veneers.

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It seems that with dental veneers, dentists can fix space between teeth, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, discolored teeth, and many more issues. Since this kind of dental care is not usually covered by our health insurance, I have not made up my mind of what to do just yet, but I gain more knowledge from learning about other options.

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  1. Dentists can do so much more than when we were children. Heck, I didn't even see a dentist till I was 18 and had my first cavity.

  2. Hi Icy. I saw a news segment on veneers awhile back, and it highlighted some problems associated with them, but I don't remember what they were. The ads do make them look enticing, though. I, too, don't remember worrying about that stuff when I was a kid, but then all of these cosmetic options weren't staring you in the face every time you turned around!

  3. I have heard a few things about veneers. I didn't worry about that stuff when I was a kid either. Since it's expensive, I wouldn't really know what to do either.

  4. My oldest had to have bracers when she was only 10. She had to have her jaw pulled back a bit. It's so much better now, but she's still wearing them to pull her teeth together and get rid of the spaces.

    You have to file your teeth down to get veneers. It's best to go with the longer option of bracers. They're ugly, but at least they don't cut your teeth down.

  5. Try to check for who specializes with children, they can do a better job or offer better option for your child.


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