Friday, October 9, 2009

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I've worked as a translator for two years, and my job is to take my clients to lawyers, court, or places where language barrier required to be translated.

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Though helping people makes me feel good at times, I also feel drained when my emotion has the best of me. I tend to get too involved with my clients when it comes to abuses. I detest verbal and emotional abuses because they are invisible. They leave no marks for outsiders to see, but they make the victims feel very small, degraded, and not worthy. No one can validate mental abuses.

My translation service has come to an end about six months ago, because I am not trained to deal with threats or my own turmoil feelings. I now prefer my clients to use the free translation website, or advice them to find someone else.

Looking at, I currently want to apply for the
online translation job. I think I am better at working alone than with the one on one basis. This way I can still do something good, without emotional attachment.

I guess when you feel strongly about something, it is very hard not to take it to heart.

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  1. Interesting Icy. I agree on working alone and not getting hampered by emotional issues. :)

    Happy weekend, girl!

  2. I agree, in those situations working alone is probably better.

  3. It's really tough Icy not to be emotionally involved esp in cases you've mentioned here. Yeah, doing it in the internet may be best for you. Good Luck.

  4. Icy, it is hard not to relate to those who are being abused. I can totally understand, but you need to take care of yourself too.

  5. I agree that it would be hard not to get involved when people are getting abused. I want to wish you luck too.

  6. When you have a soft heart and a warm personality as you do, it's almost impossible not to get involved and touched by other people's problems.
    This is not a weakness, it's a strength.

  7. i agree. it's the same way with nursing. we are not forced to take care of patients or to DEAL with our problems, if they both get in the way of nursing care. it has never happened to me, but i can understand where people who get affected are coming from.


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