Monday, October 12, 2009

Travel at an Affordable Fare

It is now time to reserve your ticket if you are planning to travel this Holiday season! Many people who frequently go home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas already had their seats waiting for the date to come.

We had a family reunion two years ago in California, and we needed nine Airline Tickets for both families. My sister finally found the tickets at an affordable price after many days of search, looking, and comparing the fares.

On one of those sites, she booked our Cheap Flights, reserved our seats, paid for the extra luggage, and printed out our e-tickets. Preparing ahead of time took lot of stress off for Holiday traveling. With a lower airfares, we were able save money for the snacks and drinks during lay-over.

Yes, everyone was on a tight budget and stretching our money as far as we could, feel good! Therefore, if you plan on traveling this Holiday, start looking for affordable tickets early. You can also reserve your seat before they're all taken.

Search for your cheap tickets on and then compare your price using available given websites such as travelocity, cheaptickets, hotwire, orbids, plus many more. Once you're happy with your price, book early, and choose your seat before they are all taken.

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  1. Good advice but also be sure to check with the airlines as well, sometimes their prices are even lower.

  2. Icy, you are so right. If we travel we should reserve early to save money.

    Take care & God bless.

  3. That sounds like a great idea to reserve your tickets early. I have never been on a plane before. I usually travel by car. I think I would be so scared to be on a plane. LOL!

  4. we do that, Icy...very helpful..


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