Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walk In Bath Tub Makes Life Easier

My friend Laurie, who held annual shaving cream party for the kids that I had mention before, has adopted two quadriplegic children, and as they grow into teenagers, she found it extremely difficult to get them bathe!

Last year, the community project selected her house as the recipient for remodel, as part of helping family in need. I couldn't think of anyone else deserves this more than her! She devotes her life in taking care of abused children, and treats them as her own.

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One of the most pressing needs for Laurie was a walk in bath tub and a new wheelchair accessible entrance. The project installed both of these requests, included the enlarging door to the bathroom so she can just wheel the kid in when it was time for bath.

Laurie was more than happy with the result, as it makes her life much easier! The walk in bath tub is what she adored. She doesn't have carry the kids for a long distance, and the tub includes all the safety features that she was hoping for.

The kids are now virtually adults, and their weights have also increased. Picking them up, or carrying them in and out of the tub is not an easy task. However, with the new remodel bathroom, and wheelchair entrance, Laurie is able to give her children better care.

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  1. Those are very nice tubs, I had no idea they made them with so many features. I'm glad your friend was able to remodel and get these installed. She sounds like a truly wonderful person.

  2. I'm so glad that Laurie was able to get the walk in tub too. She really does sound like such a wonderful woman.

  3. Oh wow, with your friend's case, it's good to know she found a tub that will work will with her -so many features!


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