Sunday, November 22, 2009

Check Out Dogged Health if You Have a Question

I haven't met too many people who didn't like dogs; only two out of 10 would prefer not to have a pet, because their life styles are not suitable to have a canine companion.

I grew up with two dogs in the house, and have experienced their loyalty, loving, and protective manners. After having my own children and was constantly under pressure to get a puppy from them, we had quite a few dogs throughout the years.

Having a dog comes with responsibilities just as having children, and the number one priority is our dog health. When we had Milo, I enrolled him in a health insurance plan with his Vet, and gave him whatever he needed, from flea collar, to heart worm pills, to ear infection drops. I made sure that Milo is cared for, since our canine health in general would bring enjoyment to all of us for a long time.

Milo was no longer with us, and there are talked in the house about getting a new four legged friend. Yes, the first thing comes to my mind is health issues. On this website Dogged Health, I found so many useful articles to read and learn. All the articles are written by Vets, and certified trainers, which cover all area of health problems or symptoms.

If things work out and we happen to get a couple dogs, this website is where I will turn to when I need some information.

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  1. Dogs are one of the most loving and loyal members of our household. Thanks for your wonderful advice.

  2. Great information Icy, all pets need good health care.

  3. I enjoyed reading this, Icy. I used to have a dog, but he passed away a long time ago.

  4. back home we always have dogs and it's painful to see when they are sick and ailing


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