Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun With Photos

Okay, I'm desperate now that there are no flowers to take pictures, so I'm stalking the flowers section in my supermarket. Once in a while, I actually see something unique, like these flowers or plants below.

Original Picture

I saw this unique and strange looking flower/plant arranging among many different flowers. My first reaction was to take a picture despite the lighting in the store. Out of ten shots, I ended up with just three photos.

Two At a Time

I love all the orange and yellow chrysanthemum flowers that surrounded these strange looking branches. Instead of going for the mums, I aimed for these different flowers.

Double Headers

The original picture of the above photo showed two branches. I played around with this picture in photoshop, not that I don't have anything else to do, but this is my way to de-stressed.

One Lonesome Branch

I added the reflection effect to both photos above and chose purple color for my base. They turn out wonderfully, and I just have to share.

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow, the original image is quite beautiful and the reflection effect looks fantastic! That purple base really shows off the unique plant shape. :)

  2. that is so creative of you...i loveeee it, specially the last two photos. i think they're great..

    i have to learn photoshop...really, really cool!


  3. So you play with photoshop too? it's fun right?

  4. The originals are gorgeous, I love the first shot. It is a very interesting and the spikes on the leaves are striking. Nice work with the reflection in the last photo, it does give it a very different look, very pretty.

  5. Very interesting flower/plant - looks like something you might encounter in a galaxy far away. I love your creative effects and the PURPLE!

  6. Those photos are stunning. I am glad you focussed on the strange flower.

  7. This is really good, Icy. Have you got a Flickr page? You should, if you don't already. You would get loads of views.

  8. Icy, these pictures are stunning, you are so creative, i sooooo love them and my heart beats so fast in seeing your pics, I get excited. Wow! you are so creative.

  9. Your pictures are fantastic and you are right playing with our photos is a great stress reliever. Looking at yours relieves mine!

    Take care & God bless!

  10. These pics are really nice. Looking at these photos relaxed me. :)

  11. Icy, beautiful pics and I love the reflection in the photoshopped one. Well done.


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