Saturday, November 7, 2009

Images For the First Week of November

Early this morning I took a walk around the yard to see what have to be done for the weekend. Besides lots dead branches and leaves I have to rake, I saw that the leaves all have some frost on them.

They were beautiful, sparkle, and look like sugar coating on them! So the camera was put to good use.

Bright Red

This branch had that bright red color on it and the frost decorated around the edges of each leaf. It was cold! I think it was only in the 40 this morning.

A Touch of Black

Everywhere I look, there was some new things to see, and new color of leaves to take pictures. You can see the formation of ice on some of the petals.

A Touch of Orange

As I was snapping the pictures, I noticed that the frost is slowly disappearing with the sun coming up. Only the edges of the petals remained like sugar coated.

A Touch of Yellow

You can see that this branch had a light orange color to it, but as the sun spotted on some petals, they looked as if they are yellow.

Melting Slowly

The frost melt into water drops on some of petals. I find pleasure in seeing ordinary things like these branches of leaves, especially when they were kissed by the frost to give me such a joy to see.

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  1. The last bits of color, kissed by frost, so pretty to see, as you've captured them, Icy!

  2. They are so beautiful, Icy. The frost is just the perfect addition to create interest and originality to the picture.

    Thanks again for letting me use one of your pictures as my blog header.

  3. oh, they are very beautiful Icy, like having icing, am glad you see and captured these gifts for us to enjoy. you're very correct, there is beauty even in ordinary things, when we see them, they do not look ordinary anymore.

  4. the frost on the edges of the leaves made it even more beautiful and interesting to look at. :)

  5. These are all beautiful, Icy! It does look like a sugar coating. It must be very cold where you are to see frost already.

  6. The frost does add a pretty little sugar coating to the leaves. Beautiful photos.

  7. They are very beautiful Icy, like having icing, am glad you see and captured these gifts for us to enjoy. You have find this beauty in ordinary things.

  8. We all have the same view about these shots. The man who get these shots have very wise thinks about beauty of nature. Don't you see that where he find such beautiful shots in ordinary things.

  9. I know frost is not fun but it makes everything look so beautiful.

  10. I think your pics are really pretty.


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