Sunday, November 29, 2009

Images For the Last Week of November

I am very sure this flower below is African daisy, because I saw it on Betchai's blog, and though the colors are different, the shape and the petals are the same.

Watch Me Grow

I saw this flower on the church's ground where my nephew goes to school. There are many colors of this African daisy around the building, and they come in white, yellow, and deep orange. Today, I will just post this white African daisy.

Gracefully Grew

Every day when I come to pick up my nephew, I snap more pictures of this flower. It's so graceful, beautiful, and very enticing. I could not just walk by without admiring this flower.

Closer to See

This African daisy flower is growing very low to the ground, underneath some big tree and bushes. The little sun it receives helping it grows quite nice.

I think someone didn't like me taking pictures of this flower so much that they decided to put a stop to it, and yanked all the flowers out the week after.

I Am Beautiful

If I could find this African daisy next year, I will definitely grow these flowers in my yard. Seeing them bloom so beautifully during the late months of Fall convinces me to at least try.

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  1. This is a beautiful flower, Icy. I hope you get a chance to grow this in your yard.

  2. I thought this was a beautiful flower. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Icy, I do hope you get to grow it and I hope they were just cleaning the yard and not being spiteful. God's beauty is to share.

  4. Very beautiful,great shots. I had several different daisies this year and have decided I want more for next season. Hopefully you and I both can find them.

  5. Great shots Icy. Daisies are simple flowers but very beautiful.

  6. i hope u will have a chance to grow it coz it looks awesome

  7. That dark ring around the center makes them look so pretty. African daisies bloom all around Tucson in spring, even along the median strips of roads.

  8. I like all kinds of daisies...African, Shastas, Gerbers..they are always so sunny, bright and cheerful - and it's hard not to be that way yourself when you see them!

  9. They're pretty. It's really amazing that they're still doing so well at this time of year.

  10. I enjoy the clean, innocent and purity of the white daisies.

  11. We'll wait and see how you can have them grow next year =)


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