Saturday, November 14, 2009

Images For The Second Week of November

This year I had some very strange zinnia flowers growing, and theirs heads were full of squiggle strings, but there were no petals at all.

Though they didn't have petals like others, they had their own unique look, and just as pretty as other zinnias.

Curly Z

At first, I was waiting to see if the petals were coming, but as each day went by, all I could see were these squiggle all around the flowers.

Growing Bigger

The squiggles grew longer, and less curly. I love this orange-yellow since they were very bright and cheery to see.


As they grew, the squiggle strings shot out all different directions like firework. It was very strange to see, but also stirred lots of curiosity from the children.

At The End

This was at the end for this zinnia! All the squiggle strings fell off and there was the big ball of seeds left.

I have no idea what happened, since last year I just cut the dried heads off, and saved them all together, then this year I just planted them. I must have crossed them somehow.

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  1. It's really unusual. It looks rather like wool wrapped around a stalk, doesn't it?

  2. It does look like fireworks, and let's start counting down.

    Am I too early for year 2010?

  3. Icy, it looks like yarn or something. They are colorful and fascinating. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Take care & God bless.

  4. Those are just amazing, Icy! They almost look like something you've made rather than something that grew naturally. I wonder if you can let the seeds dry and see if you can grow more next year?

  5. It really is rare to have zinnias like this one Icy, and you might have crossed them and a great discovery, you're the first one to have this kind of zinnia and let's name it, uhhhmmm.. icy's zinnia.

  6. it looks like playdoh that went through the device/toy that makes hair. you know that thing...very cool flowers all the same.

  7. They look like weird and wonderful party decorations!

  8. Awesome zinnia, little tendrils instead of petals. The colors are beautiful on this unusual flower, great shots Icy.

  9. You're right ice, they must've crossed-pollinated or something. Very nice variety! It's really unique -I've never seen anything like it!

  10. oh, i love these flowers Icy, I believe I have some of them but I do not know now where they are :( thanks for reminding me of their unique beauty.

  11. These are interesting flowers, icy. I have never seen flowers like these.

  12. wow Icy that's very unique, I've never seen that flower. You're right it looks like fireworks.


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