Saturday, November 21, 2009

Images For the Third Week of November

Can you guess what these fuzz balls are? They were wild flowers at one time at the beginning of Fall. Now, these were what they look like.

A Bunch

We often forget to take into account that all flowers are beautiful when they were blooming, but if you notice, they are also pretty at the end of their lives.

Three of a Kind

Take time to pay attention to every little thing in nature, they worth a second look, even when they are at their last stage.

Shining in the Sun

When the sun hits these fuzzy balls at the right angle, they shimmer; look soft, and very pretty.

One Full Branch

If you haven't figure what these fuzz balls once were, then take a look below! I think you will be surprised to see what they were.

Yes, they were New England Asters! Have a great day..

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  1. Beautiful before and after!

  2. And now they will drop seeds and we will have even more beautiful flowers next year. Isn't is amazing!?

  3. yes, i concur....they all are worth the second look and you made it even captured them all eternally!

  4. i so love flowers at all stages...i have captured my share of end of life flowers. love them.
    simple and true.

  5. These flowers were worth the look. I never would have guessed what the flowers wore.

  6. You have the right idea Icy, take notice of every little detail of nature because whether blooming or at their last stage they are all beautiful

  7. There is a beauty about them, even though they're now dead. I like dried flowers.

  8. They're lovely. My daughter calls those "grandpa flowers" (for the white "hair" apparently) and loves to blow the seeds away.

  9. I love before and afters, the asters are cool either way. Great macros.

  10. I've always admired those but never knew where they really came from


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