Sunday, November 1, 2009

Online Stock Trading

I will be the first to admit that I am living day by day as far as financial goes! There isn't any extra money coming in, but there is always extra burdens coming my ways.

Being a single mom has its own benefits and disadvantages. I have to do what I must do to survive. A few friends have advised me to invest in the Online Trading to make some money, but I have nothing to invest in the first place, besides I have no idea how this business works.

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I realize that there must be an Online Broker to help people like me if I ever have the money to venture into this type of investment. Brokers are professionals which could help guide me through and do the best in bringing back great returns for me.

The idea of Stock Trading is fascinating though. I go online to see it in real time, and it is amazing to see the value of stocks changes within second. You can make an exciting amount of money in a short time, and you can also lose it in a blink of an eye.

Have you ever heard the saying "no guts, no glory"? I am one of the people in this group!

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  1. Icy, you always give us such information.

  2. we have always been interested with this but still needs to study the whole deal...yes the economy's tough right now so we have to live by our means and ends

  3. Wow its very informative post. Thanks for sharing it.


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