Monday, November 9, 2009

Hanging Cherries

Are these called cherries? I don't know! I saw them hanging, and they are red. Therefore, they are perfect for Ruby Tuesday.

When in doubt wear red.
~Bill Blass

The only song
I can sing is "Lady in Red" so that must tell you how great it must have been.
~Diane Kruger

Red, of course, is the colour of the interior of our bodies. In a way it's inside out, red.
~Anish Kapoor

Have a fun Tuesday!

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  1. Oh my goodness, they're gorgeous! The first image is my favorite with the three hanging in front.

  2. How pretty. I stopped to take some pictures of the same kind of berry the other day on the way home from church. There is no such thing as the direct route any more. :-)

    Take care & God bless.

  3. I wouldn't think they are cherries at this time of year and the leaves don't look like holly - but they are certainly beautiful and RED. Great!

  4. The branches looked like cherry trees. I have a couple of cherry trees, so I can say they are very similiar. What the heck, they look pretty, and delicious. Don't eat if you can't tell what they are though. LOL

  5. Hi Icy! They do look like cherries, but like Carmen, I do not think those are cherries. They look sweet. Nice entry for Ruby Tuesday! :)

  6. Lovely...and they make me hungry! More to the point, another example of the wonderful photography I keep finding here, so I've given Reach Beyond Limits a Best Blog award
    Keep up the great work, Icy!

  7. Oh...I love ruby red cherries! Those look like beautiful tree ornaments just waiting to be picked! Happy RT!

  8. They look like cherries to me. I think I want to eat them. Perfect post for RT.

  9. They are beautiful, great photos Icy. While they look like cherries it's the wrong time of the year, and they don't look quite right for a cherry. Very pretty but I don't think I would eat one.

    Love the Bill Blass quote!

  10. oh so pretty! cherry or not, i like their color! It looks yummy! happy RT!

  11. Whatever they are they're wonderful looking - such a pretty color.

  12. I think they're wild berries. Not safe for eating, but certainly beautiful to look at.

    We have some of those here... unless I'm totally mistaken.

  13. They're beautiful! Not sure if they're cherries or not, but beautiful!

  14. can i pluck 'em all? looks tempting!

  15. I've never seen cherries on a pretty! Beautiful photos!


  16. I loved the pics. I agree that they look like cherries.

  17. They are wild cherries great for making Jam. they are edible but a bit sour the overripe ones are quite sweet, the wood of this cherry tree is or was used to make pipes.
    peace pipes and tobacco pipes. I made my own from a tree we had on a smallholding we had in wales.
    and used it for over 5 years until I stopped smoking in 1995.
    so red is also the color of my lungs now I do not smoke. and the color of cherry Jam.


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