Sunday, November 1, 2009

School Lockers Come to a Halt

Funding for schools have been cut again, and with that goes the hope to get new Lockers for our Elementary School where my son is currently at. It is hard to watch the children struggle to stuff their belongings into tiny little School Lockers, let alone deal with sticky doors.

The parents in our school are quite an amazing group of people, since they have tried every possible ways to raise money to help out the school, but still we don't have enough funding to go around. They hold bake sales, collecting box top points, and partner up with many businesses for fund raising.

However, many families are facing hard time and couldn't afford to support all the time, therefore, the level of participating also have dropped. Now, with State funding cut, our school will have to find more ways to bring in money to keep it going.

Even if we look at Locker for sale, we would not be able to afford them, and it is not a priority on the list anymore. There are so many other important issues for the school as a whole to deal with, but locker is not one of them.

The children will have to keep banging on the locker's door until it is open, and the janitors will have to run around to work their magic.

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  1. i think that explains too why my sis in law don't get to have lockers anymore in school

  2. It is heartbreaking to see all the changes taking place within the school systems. I am so glad my boys are all adults...though all three sons continue with college classes and may go to grad school, where funding is also precarious, at best.

    To deprive our youngest students from what they need, the basics in education and some of the special classes, such as the arts, is deplorable. Limiting lunch programs is also sad since, for some of these children, that is the best meal they will get in a day. Now, no lockers! School supplies have been cut back - and school outings. Very sad for everyone.

  3. It's always the children who suffer. My daughter has just started secondary school and they have no lockers whatsoever.

    They walk from building to building in the huge school compound with heavy bags on their shoulders. Twice a week they also have an extra PE bag. It's no wonder she comes home with painful shoulders.

  4. That is so sad, kids should be able to concentrate on learning and not little things like locker doors.

    Could the locker be refurbished? Maybe professionally or a work day for parents? It wouldn't help size wise of course but if the doors could be reworked it might help. Just a thought.

  5. I had seen in many schools there was no such facility. Even than when we were at school we don't have.

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  7. It's a shame that the children have to suffer like that. I agree with SQ that the kids should be more worried about their studies and not their lockers.

  8. I read a study on the harm lugging around books and back packs was doing to our children. It is sad how our children have to suffer.


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