Saturday, November 28, 2009

Light Features

I saw these shadows of the lights on the outside of some building, and their shapes were just very captivating to see. It's hard for me to pass by without taking the pictures.

The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart.
~George Sand

Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.
~Terry Pratchett

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.
~Desiderius Erasmus

Light is the symbol of truth.
~James Russell Lowell

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  1. Marvelous series of shadow shots! Very sharp and clear! And I love the quotes!



  2. wow! job well done on your shadow shots Icy! i love all the quotes as much as i love the photos.

    have a blessed Sunday! :)

  3. I'm with Terry Pratchett. Oh, and your lights are brilliant (no pun intended).

  4. These are great shots and I love the quotes accompanying each image!

  5. What sharp shadows!
    Great quotes to go with your photos as well!

  6. Great shots, I really love the last one. Very cool.

  7. Those shadows are exact replicas of the real deal! And, the quotes are great! Very nice post!

  8. These shadows are delightful, Icy! The last one is so big. :D

  9. The lamps offer a simple and classic view. The shadows are as simple, the sunlight giving a broad shadow that deviates a little bit from the subject. Nice captures, elegant shadows of ordinary things!

  10. Your shadow shots are awesome. They make me think of when we used to play shadow puppets and I love your quotes.

    Thanks, Icy for sharing and have a blessed day!

  11. wonderful shadow shots, icy! i have to learn how to get myself in such an angle to take good shadow shots.

    i am a big fan of quotable quotes, too!

  12. Nifty shadows and lovely quotes ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. thanks for these pictures Icy, reminds me that there are so many things in life to enjoy.

  14. These shadows are great. The quotes are great too.

  15. I like these shadow shots! Especially the first one. You have a good eye.

  16. Interesting shadows formed by these light fixtures.

    I actually saw something similar Saturday afternoon on a building downtown and was kicking myself I didn't have a camera. The light fixtures created happy face shadows, but I didn't catch them.

    I like your photos, and you found some great quotations to accompany them.

  17. These are all so cool Icy. It looks as though the lamplights are shadow dancing.

  18. very good shadow forms, nice shots icy!


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