Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hot Air Balloons

After taking my daughter back to her dorm, we saw this beautiful blue sky with a few floating clouds. Back in September, the trees were still green with just a little touch of changing colors in the leaves.

This was the view from inside of our car! I usually drove, and JoJo snapped these pictures as I pointed out how beautiful the shadows of the trees on the road to him.

Then he got excited and said there were hot air balloons up in the sky. He took more pictures happily.

The tiny dots you see in the distance were actually the hot air balloons. Though I could not attentively watch them, I glanced whenever I could.

As the balloons traveled to the right side of our car, JoJo took this picture to prove it to me. I knew they were hot air balloons, but I couldn't see the different colors too well.

From a beautiful sunny blue sky, it turned gray in a matter of seconds. The pouring rain then came down as we tried to speed home safely.

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  1. What nice shots of the floating clouds and the hot air balloon!

  2. I alway enjoy watching them float above, though I rarely get the chance. I bet it would be a great ride.

  3. clear blue sky and the balloon are perfect shots! oh reminds me of summer again..that gives me a warm feeling in a cloudy and windy november morn!

  4. I love hot air balloons and hope to go up in one some day.

  5. wow, turns into a nice photo report about the balloons! wonderful skies!

  6. I love to watch the hot air balloons although we usually only see them once a year during the Balloon Stampede. Great shots Icy, I love the last one with the balloon over the trees.

  7. Hot air balloons are so much fun and beautiful to watch. When I click the larger images they are brilliant in the sky. Nice shots Icy.

  8. These shots are really good. I have never seen a hot air balloon besides on television.

  9. What nice shots of the floating clouds and the hot air balloon! thanks for sharing it.


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