Thursday, November 12, 2009

Through The Trees

We were blessed with a mild weather this week, so I went outside to do yard work whenever I could. After managing to get six bags of leaves together, as I look up, I saw this beautiful colors of the sky through all the tree branches.

The leaves have already fallen, showing the bare branches! The amazing colors of the sky behind the tree branches are just so beautiful.

The above picture turned out better than I thought. Our weather changed very quickly, and by six o'clock everything was dark.

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  1. I guess that beautiful sky, with its amazing colors, is a reward for all your hard work. Isn't it wonderful! Such beauty all around us when we are least expecting it!

  2. Wonderful patterns created by the branches and the sky speaks for itself. Well done indeed.

  3. Very nice shot! I can think of nothing more than a job well done and the feeling you have nothing it's done. Maybe a nice warm cup of tea or coffee?

  4. lovely sky in contrast to the silhouette of the tree....loving it!

  5. These are beautiful, Icy! There is something exciting, yet peaceful about seeing sky colors through the trees.

  6. These pics are really pretty. The Trees still have leaves on them here.

  7. Aren't you glad you decided to look around? We are too!

  8. Wonderful photos. The color peeking from behind the trees is very nice. We have a little over a month before these short days begin to stretch out again. It makes the days seem even more precious.

  9. It was most likely a meteor. They are also called shooting stars. If it really did land nearby it might on ly look like a tiny rock that you might not notice to be from space. t could have either been pretty small or it was further away than she thought.

  10. Great capture Icy, the sky changes so fast this time of the year the view can be gone before we know it.

  11. How could I have missed this post...ggrrr...this is so dreamy and liked the weblike tree branches.

  12. Icy BC, your sky is so lovely! Thanks for commenting at my LATSOF post! :)

  13. the sky is stunning with all the colors and the silhouette of the trees gave great contrast, beautifully captured!


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