Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Black Squirrel and the Pumpkins

Upon leaving my friend's home last Sunday, I saw this black squirrel who acted as if he was one of the pumpkins. I could not believe this little rascal. He stood there guarding these pumpkins and pretended like a statue, despite the fact that we were coming toward the car.

I'm a Pumpkin

He ignored us completely, and stood still as if we didn't see him. The car doors were opened and slammed. I thought with this kind of noises, he would take off, but he didn't. He didn't even look at us!

I'm Not Here

I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures. The whole scene was unreal to me, and I was impressed by this little guy intelligent. I was sure he wanted the pumpkins for himself, but to have a brain playing trick with us was just amazing.

Ok, You Caught Me

He finally turned to look at us for a second, and then continued posing like a statue again. We all had a kick out of this event. I think he forgot that his fur is black and the pumpkins are orange, so he tried to blend in as much as possible.

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  1. Cutest post ever! Maybe it was pretending to be a black cat to go with the Halloween theme.

  2. I would love to see a black squirrel up close and personal but this is certainly the next best thing...what a cutie. Do they eat pumpkins? I wouldn't think so.

  3. Adorable. I've noticed that the squirrel population these days seem to like all the camera attention. What a great capture Icy.

  4. oh, this is so funny Icy :) the pictures are so cute, it was such a memorable experience, I would love to see something like that too :)

  5. He is so cute, what a great photo Icy. Squirrels will 'freeze' if they feel threatened, I suppose this would work with some predators. For those of us behind the camera it is an excellent photo op!

  6. You are lucky to capture a squirrel in close up. I tried here in my place but they are not cooperative.

  7. Oh how cute. That's truly amazing that he just stood there.

  8. He looks as if he knew you were coming with the camera and posed to take photographs. He probably wanted his 15 minutes of fame. Well, now he's got it on Reach Beyond Limits. :-)

  9. So this is where all of those black squirrels are hiding! I fail so many times to get a good picture of them, and you have excellent pictures here. I like the way he is guarding that pumpkin. I wonder if he'll be able to get it back to his tree. :)

  10. I have never seen a black squirrel Nice pics!

  11. hahahaha so lovely post
    have a great day

  12. naughty black squirrel, the other morning I almost run over one running crossing the street taking hubs to the office and on my way back it attempted to run across again.


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