Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gold Tradition

If you have money would you invest in gold? I was raised with the belief that gold is the ultimate investment, and has high return in value than any other commodities.

When my brother got married, I had to take my mother to different jewelry stores to look for gold earrings, bracelet, and necklace. It was our tradition to welcome a new female member to the family, and the gold jewelry also had a hidden meanings.

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As told to me, the gold will come in handy to bail out the family if they were in trouble, or used to pass down from generation to generation. They would then become a family heirloom for the same reasons since gold carried a universal understanding. There is no language barrier when a piece of gold is presented.

My mom knows her gold. She can tell which is a 12k, 14k, or 24k by just looking at them. The colors on the gold pieces are different from one another, and usually the higher karat had deeper colors.

I grew up and invested my first two paychecks in this tradition. I bought gold necklace, earrings, and a bracelet thinking that I will pass them down to my children one day. I passed my first earring down to my daughter when she was born. My sister gave her a necklace, and my mother gave her a bracelet.

We still believe in this tradition of giving new baby gold jewelries. I guess it is something that runs deep in our blood.

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  1. What a nice tradition your family has, the gold is a good investment and also beautiful to wear.

  2. My ex gave my baby boy a gold bracelet at birth with a charm that was meant to protect him.

  3. Icy, it's a great investment, especially these days. I wish I had more money in which to invest :)

  4. They used to have that tradition here too but it is dying out.

  5. We just stopped getting golds but maybe I should start thinking about it again. I am more fond of white gold now as it is not so flashy. I passed on my gold earrings to my sister in law.

  6. This is a nice tradition. If you have an extra gold, feel free to send some to me. LOL!

  7. My Laotian friends, who own a Thai restaurant in San Francisco, said that is the custom in their country as well. They buy mainly 24K jewelry. When they fled, during the VietNam war, they had to leave behind their possessions ( many of them were wealthy ) but they could escape more easily with their gold.


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