Saturday, December 5, 2009

Images for the First Week of December

I saw this plant in the summer, and was attracted to its tiny little flowers. It grew on the outskirt of my neighbor's garage. I didn't know what it was until I read one of Judy Sheldon-Walker's article: Why Catnip is Not Just for Cats.

I realized that this was the catnip plant that Judy is talking about. So here are some pictures for you Judy!

Beautiful Little Catnip Flowers

This branch had a full and fluffy head of flowers, but a year before this year, I didn't even notice it. I don't remember see it growing there at all.

Growing Pretty

I saw this catnip one morning, and under the sunlight, it was just beautiful, catching my attention right away. On the left side of this picture is my neighbor garage, and on the left side is my driveway.

Shining in the Light

Having a point and shoot camera some time is not suitable for the task at hand. I couldn't zoom in to get one clear shot of this beautiful head of flower.

Dried Out

A month later, this plant totally dried out, leaving its head intact. Though we have lots of street cats in the neighbor, I didn't see any cats around this plant. The cats are more interested in flower dirt to dig and do their droppings than the catnip.

All Gone

The little holes from the flower look like bee hives. I will wait for summer to see if it ever comes back, and then invite Judy over for tea.

You see, Judy and I met on a writing site last year, and just recently connected by cell phones. We live in the same state, and about two hours away from each other. She was talking to me one day and told me that she was making catnip drink. You can find out the amazing benefits of catnip through Judy's article.

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  1. i have not seen catnip before...its a shame that flowers has to dry at some point. we'll see them again next spring...

    ahhh! nice to be back to blogging after a busy week at work!...have a fantastic day, icy!

  2. That's so great about you and Judy. I had noticed that you both lived in the same state. I often wondered how far away you were from each other. Tell her hi when you next talk to her, please.

  3. Oh wow, I haven't seen catnip either, except for the stuff already dried out. Very pretty!

  4. These pics are really nice. I didn't know what catnip was until reading Judy's article either.

  5. Pretty flowers. I didn't know humans drank catnip tea! I'll have to read Judy's article

  6. I never knew catnip was so pretty or that it makes a good tea. I would like to try some catnip tea!

  7. Icy, it was nice talking to you today. I wish our call hadn't dropped. The cats may not have had an opportunity to smell the catnip. I bruise it for my cats to smell, unless I want to keep it to myself. lol Your pictures came out well. I can definitely identify it. They are so clear; I can almost smell it. :-) Thanks so much for the link!

    The camera worked nice today. I took 127 pictures tonight with only 2 batteries.

  8. Lovely shots Icy, it is a very beautiful plant. The little blooms are so pretty. I think your camera did fine one these.

  9. Our cat used ot love catnip. Not the flower but the green part of it. Great pics.

  10. I'm not good with flowers, I just simply admire them.


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