Saturday, December 12, 2009

Images for the Second Week of December

When I first took notice of this yellow African daisy, the flowers were just at the beginning of their blooming cycle. I saw them on the ground of my nephew's school. As I come to pick him, I took pictures. There was yellow, white, orange and peach African daisy around the rectory.

You can see the white African daisy from my last post here.

Coming Into Bloom

The color in the back of the petals when they bloom had a tint of purple on them. I always love to watch flowers grow in their own stages.

Growing a Bit More

When I returned the next day, there were more flowers blooming all around. They grew a bit taller, opened up a bit more, and started to show their beautiful yellow color.

Open Up More

These African daisies were so beautiful, and bloomed late into the end of October. They were absolutely warming to see when everything around them wilted.

I love the center of this yellow African daisy! There is such a complicated architecture design going on within this flower.

One Full Bloom

Since this yellow African daisy grew underneath other pine trees and bushes, the sunlight was not always directing to it. Still, the beautiful yellow color was still so bright enough to make it stood out.

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  1. It is nice to see this African daisy as it evolves - from the petals opening to its glorious full bloom! So cheery and bright!

  2. That last open one is fantastic. What a brilliant, vibrant colour.

  3. lovely picture, bright and cheery.

  4. Beautiful shots of the daisies, they always seem so happy.

  5. These are great. I love the center of the daisy too.

  6. I don't get to observe much blooms lately because it's been too cold to go out. I fear that I might be prone to flu or colds...better be cautious for baby =)

    that's so pretty icy!

  7. Icy, you are getting better! The last two shots are beautiful! Amazing! :)


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