Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pink Orchids

These beautiful pink orchids can be view at the Belle Isle Conservatory, and they are very much admired by visitors to the flower house. Many of these orchids are on displayed throughout the whole premise.


These pink orchids are placed by the front entrance to give visitors such nice warm welcome. The light and traffic though make it hard for me to get a good shoot! I don't know enough about my camera setting to adjust the ISO, and allow less light to my pictures when needed.

This Way

The picture of these pink orchids turned out too bright for me! I would have loved to see them in better lighting and show more details of the orchids.

Straight Ahead

The three blooming orchid virtually take my breath away! The color of pink is gorgeous, with a touch of yellow in the middle. They are elegant looking, and screaming for attention.

At this time of the year in Michigan, seeing flowers in full bloom is always a treat, and lessen the long winter months ahead.

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  1. Really interesting and beautiful pink orchids. Even the closed ones look pretty. Thanks for another fun tour of Belle Isle Conservatory!

  2. So so pretty. I need to learn more about the settings on my camera too!

  3. My camera is two years old and I have only glanced at the booklet! The orchids are breathtaking!

  4. Orchids really are so elegant looking and even more so in this lovely color of pink. Those would be a very warm welcome to visitors. Thanks for sharing these with us Icy.

  5. I love them. If ever I come to Michigan, I know exactly where to go. The flowers in that conservatory are strikingly beautiful.

  6. look at the colors, so delicate! and the petals is so gorgeous...ahhh! flowers what are gonna do without them!

    lovely shots, icy!

  7. These are really beautiful. I have never seen orchids in this color.

  8. Very pretty! I clicked on the pictures and able to see many details.

  9. Icy, these are very unique and exotic looking. Nice shots.

  10. I like orchids for its unique character and it lasts longer than regular blooms.


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