Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wall Decors

The shadow you see below is from a huge crab apple tree on the church ground where I pick up my nephew every day.

This tree is beautiful and full of blossom in the Spring, and has plenty of little red crab apples during the Fall.

Crab Apple Tree

This is just a branch of a very beautiful tree on the side of a church's wall. There aren't many days here in my area that has sun light, but when we do get a little sun, I love looking for shadows.

On the Ground

The shadow of this little crab apple tree looks a little spooky, as it's very vivid on the ground by the Kindergarten class.

Basil Plant on the Wall

This is my basil plant that I grew in a pot during the summer. The leaves had been gone for a while, and only the seeds were left.

See more interesting shadows from others by clicking on the image below. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Wow, these shadow shots are gorgeous! These are the kinds of shadows I look for but rarely find. The basil shadow against the bricks is outstanding!!

  2. What great shadow shots! Bare trees and bushes can and do have their own beauty! Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year! Enjoy!


  3. I'll never tire of nature shadows. Leaves, branches, seeds, they all cast such delicate designs!

  4. That crab apple tree shadow does look a bit spooky. I hope it doesn't scare the kiddies at kindy! Love the basil shadows on the brick wall. Very cool!

  5. Great shadow pictures, always come up with the best. I guess that's because you are so observant and always have your camera handy!!

  6. Hey Harriet reminded me of a radio program some time ago called "The Shadow" when she said "spooky", but your shadows are delightful. :-)

  7. Hey Harriet made me think of a show that used to be on the radio a life time ago, so long ago I can only remember the name "The Shadow". I think it was orated by Vincent Price.

    Your shadows are delightful, Icy.

  8. i can not resist tree silouhettes. i love your shots!!!

    happy sss!! happy New Year.

  9. Those are lovely shadows. I like the basil plant best :)

  10. THese are all so cool, Icy. I guess the shadows are nature's way of providing a little of Mother earth on bland walls :)

  11. These are great shots, Icy. Thanks for sharing.

  12. very interesting shadow shots, Icy. you are really getting better in seeing beauty hidden in the shadows.

  13. You found some wonderful shadows, thanks to the crab apple tree and the basil plant.

    We grew basil in a container last summer as well.

    Happy 2010 ~

  14. Hi Icy! I enjoyed the shadows as if they are etched on the walls/ floors

  15. Oh Icy, these are great shadow shots. I really like the last one on the bricks, it has fantastic texture.

  16. Each photo represents such intricate, interesting shadows! But I especially love the rough textures of the brickwork behind the last one!

  17. Fab intricating & contrast shots.



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