Monday, January 11, 2010

Drive Safely

As we all know, having a car comes with many other responsibilities, and expenses as well. The car we drive we must have auto insurance and somewhat a SafeAuto.

In this article, 15 Things Movies Taught Me About Driving, I found it very humorous. There are a list of things, well 15 things, from different movies on how to deal with certain scenario. However, they are all related to unsafe cars driving behaviors.

For example, "there's really no need to keep your eyes on the road", which is not a wise choice for any driver to follow. It just takes one slip second to cause an accident or be in accident. With today cell phone texting, calling, and talking, we have to be even more careful than ever.

If we are unfortunate enough to get in an accident, our auto insurance policy will be sky rocket. AllState offers a reward program for safe driving at the end of the year, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Aside from the humorous article mention about, Play It Safe website has many helpful tips, articles, and videos for safe driving. We can never be careful enough since there are many other bad drivers sharing the same road as we are.

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  1. I was watching a movie the other night and the star was driving and talking to the passenger. He kept turning to look the passenger in the eye and hardly looked at the road. If we all drove like that .....


  2. just drive safe, it's not worth risking your precious life being fast and reckless =)

  3. Bad drivers scare me, especially when the roads are covered with ice and snow.

    Thanks for the post and the info about auto insurance.

  4. I like reading about things like this. There are many unsafe drivers in movies as well as on television. Thanks for the link.


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