Friday, January 22, 2010

Potty Trained In a Week

Upon seeing this book, The Potty Boot Camp by Dr. Suzanne Riffel, I thought of my two little sisters who are currently going through this stage with their little ones. I can tell you, I don't envy them at all. It is not an easy task, and it takes time to go through the process with each child, differently.

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I know my little nephew developed some type of a fear when he has to use his toilette. He either holds it or demands for a diaper to be put on. This is where trials and errors begin. It is also when a mother's patient is being tested to the fullest.

So with the The Potty Boot Camp you will find a successful potty training program, and easy ways to get your children out of diaper in a week. I remembered my children took much longer than that, and I had to watch their every move like a hawk. In my time, I relied on mother's instinct to deal with this kind of responsibility.

If you are a young mother, and have children that going through this stage, The Potty Boot Camp is available for download at $5.95 and is also on sale in paperback. Get all the help that you can get. It will save your sanity, and avoid many tearful events.

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  1. I don't remember potty training being that much of a hassle with any of my three sons. I just didn't make a big deal of it. I wasn't in a major rush to get it over with and they just seemed to succeed pretty quickly.

  2. Wow, very good gift idea, Icy! I have several friends who have little ones. Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. My children potty trained pretty well, but it is harder when you have the pressure of working full time and a day care that does not take children until they are fully potty trained. A little help would have been welcome.

  4. I need help! Man, I can't get Miss Hoa Hau Ba Ngoi to sit on the potty!

  5. We never had much problems when it comes to potty training even with my niece, I just hope it will be easy also with our baby.

  6. I don't have children yet, but this book will come in handy when I do have children.


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