Monday, January 11, 2010

Like Diamonds on Cactus

This beautiful red cactus flowers are just stunning at my local Home Depot! It is hard to walk by and not thinking about taking pictures. The little white dot with thorns look like diamonds from afar.

I brought home a couple of small pots to put on my kitchen window sill, but they don't receive as much sun as I was hoping.

The red color on this cactus is absolutely cheering up my day, as it is continued to snow. I haven't have much time to spend online, as I am busy clearing the driveway and sidewalk. My mail box receives two notices from the Post Office about hazardous walkway for the mail carrier.

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  1. I love cactus. I have about 30 outside and I just can't enough of them.

  2. What a pretty cactus. I am sure it will liven up your kitchen.

  3. That is a beautiful cactus Icy, the red is stunning. I was in Home Depot about two weeks ago looking at all the different cactus, I almost bought one but decided to wait. I'll just look at yours instead.

  4. They certainly do look like diamonds! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :) Thanks for posting such lovely flowers over the weeks!

  5. That is an amazing looking cactus. I like how you noticed the white dots with thorns look like diamonds. Sorry about all your snow, what a chore to have to clear it for the mail carrier.

  6. A very lovely cactus indeed...I seldom see them in bloom.

  7. Pretty nice red cactus. Find time to enjoy your cactus -:)

  8. hey, that cactus is a cutie! why don't we have it anywhere around here?

  9. That is awesome, Icy. I've never seen that color and you are right it does look diamond studded. Cool :)

  10. Icy, your little cactus is cheery. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. A scarlet cactus,
    delightful to see—watch out!
    It is still prickly!

  12. Icy, poor mailman, I guess you'd better keep that walk clear for him!

    Cacti have never been my favorite plants but their flowers are beautiful and these little small colorful ones are really spectacular, especially all grouped together in a display!

  13. What a beautiful cactus, Icy. The color is beautiful too.


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