Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bamboo on My Cupboard

This is my 10 posts on Shadow Shot Sunday! I like this meme because it gives me the push to look for shadow around me. If I am desperate enough, I will create shadow myself. Why desperate? Well, living in Michigan, we can go for days without the sun at times.

I like to take pictures outside more than indoor. Natural lighting and objects seem to suit me better. I hardly notice shadow inside my home until I see these below.

This shadow hits me one day when I walk into my kitchen. The sun was gorgeous and bright that day, and sipped in through my window. It is the shadow of my bamboo trees sitting on the window sill in a vase.

In the first picture, I just zoomed in for the shadow on the cupboard. In the second on, I include a portion of the bamboo trees and their shadow. The red thing you see is a candle my son made for me from his Greenfield Village field trip.

Yes, I had a collection of kids' art stuffs, plants, shells, marble, and everything else under the rainbow on this window sill sometimes.

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  1. Lovely shadow shots for the day! They're so crisp and clear! Hope your weekend is going well!


  2. Nice ones! I prefer taking photos outside also. I struggle with indoor shots.

    I love the idea of a display of all those things on your window sill!

  3. Very nice shot, Icy...the bamboo fronds are lovely!

  4. Nice shadows Icy, the photos are great. I really like the first one, it almost looks like a painting.

  5. Bamboo, I love looking at them. Very tropical. Very cool shadow pics.

  6. Isn't that amazing that when we start chasing shadows, we recognize them everywhere?

    At least, I do. Job well done.

    Happy SS...

  7. How awesome to discover and capture this beautiful light and shadow in your own kitchen. :D

  8. I know exactly where you're coming Iowa morning is quite gloomy today...hope we get a glimpse of the sun, I would like to take Scratchy for a ride in the country, much better done with the sun!!!

  9. It's a romantic shot, Icy. I loved the second one where we get to see part of the object and part of the shadow it cast. You know how to pick header photos. This one is fab too.

  10. Nice catch. I catch shadows just like that - in the moment when you're thinking of it.

  11. These shots are really good, Icy. There hasn't been that much sun in NJ for the past few days. There was a little bit yesterday, but it didn't last long.

  12. Amazing shadows. Have a good week Icy.

  13. those photos make me feeling like staying in the countryside.

  14. Love your shadow shots.

    Take care & God bless.

  15. Icy, LOVE THAT, especially the first shot that is a piece of art right there. Fantastic eye you have my friend.


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